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...beyond your wildest dreams. Learn what Research Think Tank, Inc. is doing today to improve the lives of patients in your clinic and clinics around the world. Read below to learn more about our services...
This assay will guide doctors in the selection of HIV-1 antiviral cocktails in order to prevent possible drug resistance to the new integrase inhibitor (INI). Click here to learn more about our BRAND NEW GENETHINK HIV-1 Integrase Select Assay!
Research Think Tank has been busy over the past few months working on great support products that help facilitate easy use of our testing services. Check out a list of our new products featuring blood collection kits and infectious disease panels.
Keep track of Research Think Tank's newest press releases, stories, articles, events and other important infectious disease information by visiting our blog.
Follow Research Think Tank, Inc. on Twitter for the latest updates and infectious disease news through a simple, 140 character feed!
Patients around the world are helped by the International Clinical Virology Centre (ICVC). To learn more about the charitable work Research Think Tank, Inc. does for the ICVC, click here!

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