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Research Think Tank, Inc. is a privately owned diagnostic, clinical trial and basic research facility located in Atlanta, GA. Its principal shareholders Dr. Paul M. Feorino and Robert M. Lloyd, Jr. founded the company during acquisition of their original start-up Applied Sciences, Inc. by Visible Genetics, Inc (NASDAQ: VGIN) in 1997. Since company inception, Research Think Tank, Inc. is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics and supporting peripheral research studies. The co-founders and associates of Research Think Tank, Inc. are proven leaders in molecular based assay research and development with diverse disciplines. They have a combined history of over 50 years expertise in the fields of molecular biology, microbiology, virology, mechanisms of viral resistance, classification, and clinical outcomes of infected patients. They share numerous applicable scientific and business publication histories of over 200 abstracts, manuscripts, books, and articles.  Research Think Tank, Inc. scientist were largely responsible for the first nucleic acid sequencing test, TruGene HIV-1 Genotyping Kit, which received FDA approval in September of 2001.

Research Think Tank, Inc. focuses on the latest technologies in advanced principles of molecular biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and clinical microbiology for individual patient care as well as support for clinical trials, third party platform validation, genomics and fundamental research. Our company services include FDA approved and novel testing markers for human, viral and bacterial pharmicogenomics.

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