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» Blood Draw Kits

Blood sample collection may be required for any number of reasons. From law enforcement evidence collection to international drug trials, Research Think Tank can create custom specimen collection kits for your use. Our kits use the international standards for drawing blood in any conditions. Any medical professional trained in the process of venous blood sampling (phlebotomy) is required to perform the venapuncture.

Our kits have been used domestically by local physicians and nationally recognized institutions as well as internationally for large scale pharmaceutical drug trials. They are created with robust materials that are both easy to use as well as ship. Additionally, we have experience in international shipping dangerous goods. This will ensure the kits include all you need to get your samples shipped to the laboratories that will be doing their tests and not be caught in customs.

Our standard blood collection kits contain the following items:

» 1x Hardcover Blood Collection Kit Case
» 2x Clear Lab Guard® Biohazard Specimen Bags
» 1x Becton Dickinson 21G 3/4 X 12” VACUTAINER (R) Brand Safety-Lok (TM) Blood Collection Set and assembled Blood Collection Set with Tube Holder
» 3x Becton Dickinson 4 mL K2 EDTA 7.2 mg VACUTAINER (R) EDTA Tubes
» 1x Blue Non-Latex Flat Single Use Tourniquet
» 1x Clear plastic Becton Dickinson Blood Collection Tube Holder
» 1x Individually Wrapped Disposable Alcohol Swabs
» 2x INFECON 50-ML Capacity Absorbent Disposable Towels
» 3x 4 mL plasma Transport Cryo-vials
» 2x Sterile individually wrapped Transfer Pipets

In addition to the above, requisition forms and various shipping materials are included in the kit, depending upon the region the kit is being used in.

Contact a member or our sales team to learn more about your needs and we’ll put together a package that will suit your needs. Rush orders can be fulfilled quickly contingent upon the size of the order and location of the sites. Click below to fill out our sales contact for or call us today at (770) 475-1185.

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