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» Clinical Testing

When some of the largest hospitals and universities in the world need patient samples to be tested, who do they go do? The fastest, most accurate testing laboratory in the world: Research Think Tank, Inc. We offer the most accurate program for testing infectious disease samples; utilizing the RTT MDx GeneThink platform for molecular testing. Whether you have a patient that will be monitored over a long period of time or an emergency HIV-1 test done due to drug breakthrough, Research Think Tank, Inc. has a service level for you…

Research Think Tank, Inc’s clinical testing department (“PatienTank”) specializes in esoteric molecular patient sample testing for physician practices, large clinics, hospitals, and universities. Our clinical testing laboratory provides quality state-of-the-art testing services and is a CLIA certified laboratory. Clinical testing services are internally scrutinized through a quality assurance program. Also, our clinical testing services are updated regularly through research and development programs sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. The menu of services provided under our clinical testing program are FDA Approved or internally validated published molecular tests developed specifically for patient management needs.

For a complete list of tests, please click to visit RTT’s complete infectious disease test list.

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