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A dozen years ago, contraction of HIV-1 was an immediate death sentence. However, due to the continued work of pharmaceutical companies around the world, the development of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART) as effective therapy for HIV infection and AIDS reduced the death rate from this disease by 80%, and raised the life expectancy for a newly diagnosed HIV-infected person to 20–50 years. It’s companies like Research Think Tank, Inc. that help determine drug efficacy and the viability of treatments like HAART. The studies to allow for the general use of these drugs costs hundreds of millions of dollars to run and are very sensitive to accurate results, let alone the potential for lawsuits should the trial results be inaccurate. Because of these dramatic needs for the highest quality infectious disease testing, Research Think Tank wants to help your next clinical drug trial!

Research Think Tank understands the rigorous requirements to get a new drug or technology through the FDA. Most of our staff has been part of various teams responsible for FDA approval of products like the TRUGENE™ genotyping platform as well as dozens of drugs currently going through FDA trials.

Resesarch Think Tank, Inc’s pharmaceutical study and trial testing division (“PharmaTanker”) is a multidisciplinary division that focuses on basic and clinical trial testing of long term patient visits (via drug trials) as well as research relating to the development of unique molecular esoteric testing assays and testing services for the pharmaceutical industry. PharmaTank collaborates with leading scientists within pharmaceutical companies to validate and improve clinical trial performance testing formats for peripheral markers and specific gene targets relating to novel drug candidates. The novel assays are then provided as part of PharmaTank’s clinical trial testing services program generating needed data for drug submissions and regulatory support.

Additionally, Research Think Tank has the ability to provide blood collection kits for use in your clinical drug trials. These kits ensure the proper volume and specification of specimens are taken from patients at the collection site.

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